A New Dance

November 19, 2008

Welcome to my blog…Being En Pointe!

This is a “new dance” for me, and quite an exciting one. It’s exciting because when you take the time to understand who you are at your core and live the life you’ve been dreaming of, it’s quite exhilarating!

So, let me explain this a bit more. Over the last six months or so, I have taken the time to go “within” and examine my life and my “who”…those things about me that are inherent and that truly define my “I AM.” I believe that life calls for this type of examination during certain times in our lives. Although I feel we should always be in a state of curiosity about what we think and do, and why we think and do these things, CHANGE–in any form–will almost push you to do this important work.

My CHANGE was really an inner calling to find more purpose in my life—to begin doing more things that are meaningful to me and keep me engaged and happy. In doing the work it became very clear to me that creating deep relationships with people, learning more about their “I AM”, and helping them create more passion and success in their lives is something that I thrive for. These are things that I do for fun in my daily life, sprinkling in a few minutes here and there. So, I asked myself—“Why not do it more often and more consciously?”

What I know for sure, as Oprah loves to answer for herself each month, is that if you don’t jump when you are most fearful, then the change you desire will never come. So, I have leapt! In fact, I have begun a new dance…one that will keep me “En Pointe” as my days in dancing did, and one that will help me keep others “En Pointe” in their lives.

I hope you will join me weekly as I share my insights on the journey of self discovery and living a more purposeful life.

Let’s Dance!