Awakening the Illumined Leader

The Illumined Leader is someone who has awakened to their authenticity – that unique combination of strengths, values, passion and experience, that helps them LEAD their lives and their teams with intention and purpose.

The Illumined Leader is:

  • Engaged in their life and their work, because it’s more than just about the title or money!
  • Productive, because their priorities are in line.
  • Joyful, because they wake up each day ready to be impactful.
  • Healthy, because they know that their mind, body, and spirit all work together and are affected by each other.
  • Non-reactive, because they know that sometimes we have no control and must FLOW and allow space for the solution to arise.
  • Inspired to help other illuminate who they are and how they should leverage the best of themselves to achieve the same!

We create customized leadership programs for teams who want to lead powerfully — enhancing both their work and home lives. We work on the whole person–the WHOLE LEADER, using powerful awareness tools, like:

  • Strengths Finder 2.0
  • Energy Leadership Index
  • The Wellness Inventory Assessment and Online Tool
  • Leadership Circle Profile 360 (for Managers or Executives)
  • Chinese Face Reading & 9 Star Ki Astrology

To request a brief consultation to learn more about our customized programs, or to inquire about coaching for individuals, please complete the form below, or send an email to: mc@moniquecatoggio.com


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