The Beauty of Today

May 9, 2010

Me and My Babies - Mother's Day 2010

What I love most of my Relaxed Book Club is that it is RELAXED. Today, I thank myself for knowing myself so well. Yes, you may giggle. I am giggling as well as I type these words, because I knew that I needed to make this initiative “relaxed” for those occasions, like today, when I need to step back, breathe, and be only in the NOW.

This week I have chosen not to blog about what I am supposed to. That can wait one more week. Today, I choose to honor myself as a busy woman; a mother on Mother’s Day. It is a sacred day for me. Today, I look more deeply at my children, in awe, and give thanks for the opportunity to be their mother.

Today, also, I wish to share with you a short passage from an article in O’s tenth anniversary issue, written by Eckhart Tolle. I believe we all can benefit from this passage, but today, I dedicate it to all mothers, who sometimes, need to try a bit harder than most to be in the present. Enjoy!

Where to find that goodness…In all the things that we tend to overlook: feeling the gentle breeze on your skin, the sunlight filtering through the clouds, the sound of the rain, the wagging tail of a dog, the shiny apple you are about to bite into. You notice the in-and-out flow of your breath, the feeling of aliveness inside your body. And then there is the beautiful stillness behind it all, which is deep within you. It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up.

So, let’s celebrate our anniversaries (I substitute this for “special occasions”) as they arise. What we are really celebrating, though, is the present moment, the doorway into Spirit, and all there ever is.

Enjoy Today. Enjoy Now.


My Relaxed Book Club will discuss selections from books I feel help high-achieving professionals continue to develop themselves and work on their personal leadership leading to more fulfilled, balanced and successful lives and careers.

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