60 Seconds to Holiday Mindfulness

December 22, 2014

This holiday week, I wish you and yours moments of memorable connection, laughs, hugs, and lots of cheer!
I also wish you moments of mindfulness and peace, so that you may cherish yourself and renew your unique spirit.
To help you do that, here’s a 60-second Moment of Mindfulness, from our beautiful FIU campus, and below it, a holiday poem by Henry Wadsworth LongfellowCherish both the loud and quiet moments this magical season!


The holiest of all holidays are those Kept by ourselves in silence and apart; The secret anniversaries of the heart, When the full river of feeling overflows;– The happy days unclouded to their close; The sudden joys that out of darkness start As flames from ashes; swift desires that dart Like swallows singing down each wind that blows! White as the gleam of a receding sail, White as a cloud that floats and fades in air, White as the whitest lily on a stream, These tender memories are;–a fairy tale Of some enchanted land we know not where, But lovely as a landscape in a dream.

It’s your life. Lead it well,

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