Looking Back to Move Forward

April 6, 2015

“Time waits for no one and things can end tomorrow.” – Stevie Nicks


I’m a big fan of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and Masterclass, because it provides us with an opportunity to hear others’ unique stories of transformation. Being that I’m in the “business of transformation” I just can’t get enough of it!


Today I watched Stevie Nick’s Masterclass, and it presented itself at just the right time. In it, Stevie describes the incredible woman her mother was, how her mom took every opportunity available to pass on wisdom to her and provide her with teachable moments. She really seemed to be Stevie’s guiding light and biggest supporter. However, her mother died suddenly. Stevie expressed how there were so many questions she wanted to ask her mom, and so much more wisdom she wanted her mom to pass to her, that she regrets not taking the time to spend with her and ask those questions. She feels like there is so much about her mom and her family that she’ll never know. She said, “I just always thought that she’d be there. I didn’t expect her to go.” I have to say that this relationship she had with her mother reminds me of the one have with mine. A lot of the things that I believe in today that guide my life came from her wisdom. I’m so grateful for it. (Thanks, Mom!!)


FullSizeRenderOne of the additional ways I seek wisdom is by “pulling” a card for myself each week. I have various card decks that I use for weekly inspiration and perspective. Last week, I pulled this specific card after watching another favorite show,  Who Do You Think You Are, which features actors who are given the chance to dig deep into their family genealogy and learn more about “who they are.” There’s no way you can watch this show without craving to know more about your ancestors! So, I pulled a card call “The Bard.” Among other things, the card’s message was:


“When the Bard appears, you’re asked to seek answers in your personal history. Go back into your own story and find the threads of the patterns in your reality, and trace their length to the present. Perhaps you’ll be surprised by how much of your past, or that of your ancestors, still weaves its influences on you today. (The Bard) asks you to retrieve the stories woven in the past. Perhaps you need to learn about the history of someone, or something important to your inquiry. It’s time to dig a little…”


Woah! That was too cool! So, of course, this card planted a seed within me to do just this. Fast forward to this week when I pulled another card. Guess what I pulled? The Bard again!!! Ok, Universe, I’m listening!!!


I’m not a huge fan of looking to the past. In fact, my thrust these days is to live in the moment and let life unfold for me. But, I have to say that I’m now drawn to look back—far back— to see what I can discover that will be meaningful for me. I will look back to move forward!


What do you need to seek from your past today that will help you plant your seeds for tomorrow?


What are you waiting to do that you’re not making time for?


Bring it forward. Get it done. Don’t leave the door cracked… walk through it. 


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