Do you remember September?

September 2, 2015

I read this today on my daily calendar:
“When we were children, just the word SEPTEMBER meant the end of summer…school…being scheduled…things would change. 
September taught us that life is change. This is a good lesson to learn and relearn.”
I couldn’t agree more! How about you? In fact, for me, September signifies a change in season. It’s one of Mother Nature’s ways of signaling to us that change is coming and we must adjust, yet again.
If you read my last blog about easing into back-to-school season with mind, body & soul awareness, then you may have avoided some of the tension surrounding that rush. I heeded my own advice, and it felt pretty good, actually. Back-to-school went off without a hitch. But now that we are a few weeks in, and September is here, do feel differently? Are your kids (and you!) already feeling the pressure? Have mind, body & soul awareness been kicked out the window?
Let me be honest…I’m huffing and puffing a bit, my shoulders are way tight, and I’m feeling the “Mommy” pressure build up BIG TIME! Why? On one end, it’s so easy to put on the Wonder Woman cape and want to “kill it” as a Mom and get it all done with ease. On the other end, I want to lock my self in my room, soak in the tub with a glass of wine, and forget it’s September! Feel me?
The Mommy Guilt creeps in when I realize that my kids’ stress is mounting as well. Their schedules (and mine!) are jam packed again, they’re feeling like they can’t get it all done, and, well, I want to fix it! I know you get me!
So, I just know you’re dying to find out how I’m fixing this, right? Here’s my answer…
That’s right. No fixing going on here. In fact, I’m using this time to teach a life leadership skill that my kids (and yours too!) really need to learn now— RESILIENCY. It’s about understanding that things won’t always feel perfect, or even right, and we must persist, mistakes, faults and all. In fact, it’s in those moments that we have to keep our eye on the prize.What’s your prize? What’s their prize? If you haven’t defined what that is for this school year, now’s the time to define that vision together with your kids.
It just so happens that a few weeks ago I found a sheet of paper where my 16-year-old son had written down his 5 goals. I had to do a double take! I asked him if I could read them, and he said to me, “Mom, I read an article that said that the people who are most successful write down their goals.” I was floored, and so proud. See, he gets it. Yes, he’s stressed, he has so much to do in every moment of every day, but, ultimately, he’s got his eyes on the prize. If all I do is help to model resiliency for him, then I’ve done my job. Oh, and by the way, I also model being human!
My daughter (who’s 10) on the other hand, is missing summer tremendously and keeps reminiscing. I’m letting her hold on a bit longer. After all, her fantasies keep her energized, and I love her unique energy! Her prize is to have some down time before she goes to bed each night, so resiliency for her means getting things done by 9 pm (however she chooses to do so), so she’s got at least 30 minutes to chill. I can live with that, and I’ll watch her flow through it until it feels right.
As for me (and my hubby — a rock star Dad, who I’m sure feels equally frazzled!), I may just lock myself in my room for that soak! If that’s all I do, then, indeed, I’m giving my mind, body, and soul some much needed attention and rejuvenation it needs.
Has September brought you some change? How are you handling it? Do mind, body and soul practices help take the edge off?
I’d love to hear your comments!
It’s your life. Lead it well.

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