Wrapping Up 2009

January 1, 2010

2009 was bright!

Participating in the #best2009 Blogging Challenge has been an easy and delightful way of remembering the small and simple things of 2009 that have made it special for me. I appreciate the Challenge, as I honestly don’t think I would have given myself the time to reflect on the year appropriately, thank it, and wrap it up like a nice gift! In fact, today, the first day of 2010, the visualization of me wrapping up my year, giving it away, and setting aside a nice, large box to fill for 2010 is my gift to myself.

So, I shall begin my New Year, by completing the Challenge and remembering a few more moments and people who helped to make my year.

Dec. 19 – Car Ride – Just yesterday, Dec. 31, 2009, my children and I dropped off daddy at a friend’s house and took the long way home…windows open, music kicking, and enjoying the beautiful homes and nurturing oak trees. This has always been a pastime for our family. In fact, it’s one of the ways we incorporate Visioning into our lives…imagining the perfect home for us and claiming it ours!

During the drive, Celine Dion’s “Taking Changes” inspired me further as I not only envisioned our future, but what this next year would hold for us. “What do you say to taking chances, what do say to jumping off the edge, never knowing if there is solid ground below, or a hand to hold, or hell to pay. But, what do you say?” I say go for it!

The ride and the song gave me the right energy to begin 2010. And, I believe my daughter felt the same. When we arrived home, she said, “Mommy, let’s go on another ride!” Anytime, baby.

Dec. 20 – New Person – Melissa Izquierdo is not a stranger to me. She has been working in our office for many years. But, this year, she was “gifted” to me, so to speak, as my right hand in the office. All I can say is what a gift she is, indeed! Life and work become so much more pleasurable when you have a partner by your side who cares about the quality of our work, and enjoys learning and growing along the way! She is a true professional, a shining star, and I’m very grateful for her. Thanks for all you do, Mely!


Dec. 23 – Web Tool – Hands down, the iPhone!! Need I say more? 🙂 Those of you who are iPhone users get me. You can read one of my recent blogs that gives you a glimpse as to how I use it to be productive.

Dec. 26 – Aha Moment – This year was about self-discovery for me. I immersed myself in books, concepts, skills, and more so that I could reinvent myself. Why? It was time. The gift in the process was understanding that while it is essential to create a powerful vision for your life and move toward it with action and passion, your “purpose” lies in living your vision in the moment…finding joy in everything that you do and being grateful for all of the joys and lessons life brings. “Therefore, I AM, and I AM NOW. Ahhh!”

Dec. 29 – Biggest Belly Laugh – Gosh, I’ve had a lot of laughs this year and I am grateful for all of those moments, because, as we know, laughter adds more years to our lives! One that made me laugh so hard that I cried was watching my son (11) breakout into an uninhibited hip-hop dance. It was so genuine, and so filled with passion, and it was so good, too! We were all outside enjoying a cool night and a bonfire, playing music, when an old 80’s tune came on that just lit a spark in him. I wish I had a video camera to capture the moment. Regardless, it is imprinted in my heart forever.

I think that will do it for this Challenge, although there are so many more moments, people, experiences and things I will cherish about this past year. Thanks for the memories, 2009.! I’m wrapping you up and gifting you back to the universe.

I’d like to close with this great quote that inspired me today from Martha Beck:

“By creating plans and acting on them you create an energy zone of clarity and power. That alone can change your life.”

What plans, or thoughts of 2010 are revving you up? I’d love to hear from you.

Go create some great plans for 2010 that will energize you and propel you forward.

My best wishes to you and yours for a magnificent and miraculous year.


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Here are a few more of  my favorite things of 2009. You can follow the #best2009 Blog Challenge here:

Dec. 15 – Best Packaging – I received beautiful Mala Prayer Beads from my mother. The beads were absolutely stunning, and making the gift all the more special was the unique hand-made bodhi leaf card the beads were packaged in. From the website… “The Bodhi leaf in Nepalese culture is believed to bring Patience and Enlightenment. The cards have been designed so as you open it, the Bodhi leaf comes forward, bringing the Patience and Enlightenment to you.” Nice touch, huh? See it for yourself, here.

Day 16 – Tea of the Year – I can’t just mention one! I have two favorites right now…Bedtime by Yogi, and Cranberry Pomegranate Green Tea by Lipton. I want to enjoy all of the benefits of Green Tea, but don’t appreciate the after taste of most green teas. However, this one by Lipton is delish and very affordable! And, there’s no better night cap and ritual for me than a hot cup of tea that gets me prepped for some good Zzzzs.  You also can’t beat Yogi’s memorable affirmations with each tea bag. Tonight, mine says “Nature is a giver, a true friend and a sustainer.” Yes, indeed.

So yummy at bedtime!

Dec. 17 – Word or Phrase – For me, it would be this…  “2009 is just the beginning!” We all go through moments, and some of those moments turn out to be years, where all of a sudden we hit a wall and need to make a shift, internally or otherwise. Something just has to give. Know what I mean? 2009 was the year that “gave” and allowed me and others close to me to make that needed shift. The stage has been set for a new beginning. It’s kind of nice feeling this way, especially as we close one year and begin a new one.

Dec. 18 – Shop – This one is too easy! My guilty pleasure this year was Sephora! This is easy to understand…right, ladies? My shopping adventures were nothing too dramatic, but I definitely allowed myself to a monthly treat. Here’s a tip for you…sign up for the VIP program and get some nice perks for being a good customer. 🙂

So, here you have it, more about me and my 2009. What would you like to share?