One sure way to poo poo on yourself is by continually poo pooing on others. I received a quote in my inbox the other day and it struck me how often and unconsciously we do this. It goes like this…Hurt people hurt people.

Most of the time, we think, it’s harmless. But, in the world of energy, either our thoughts and words travel to someone, or just like a boomerang, they travel right back to us!


Think about it, why would we bother saying or thinking something judgmental or hurtful about someone else if we ourselves were not hurt?

Do me a big favor (as I also am doing for myself, BTW!) and next time you catch yourself hurting a person either through your thoughts, statements or actions, look in the mirror and make the connection back to you.

What’s hurting you?

Why are you hurt?

How can you forgive yourself (or others) RIGHT NOW and begin to heal?

Hurt people hurt people. Stop being a victim. Take responsibility for recognizing and deleting your stuck hurts. Send Light and Love instead and you’ll get it right back.

Ahhh. That feels better!

Stop Sh$tt%ng on Yourself!

Have a magnificent and magical day!