An important part of our well-being is how we support ourselves and our growth through our thoughts and feelings. They are always the precursor to action—good or bad. Accessing your Brilliant Zone has everything to do with the well-being dimensions of Thinking and Feeling, and ultimately Transcending ourselves to achieve our BIG  life goals. This week, our well-being expert Mike Rosenfeld shows us how we can access our Brilliant Zone in three easy steps! As well as, how to be on fire, share your gift with the world, and how to play it big, not safe. Watch his video below!

Mary P
Mike Rosenfeld
Peak Performance Coach
Mike Rosenfeld is highly respected as a peak performance coach and motivational speaker who counsels CEOs, entrepreneurs, and professional, Olympic and collegiate athletes. His Authentic Power program assists individuals and teams maximize their unique strengths and abilities and excel in all areas of life.