Recently, I was asked to say a few words of inspiration at a wedding. I really enjoyed putting words to paper for this special occasion, and it seems as though my words did inspire a few to look at their relationships in a new way.

So, for my April blog, I thought I would share them with my greater audience, and hopefully, keep the dance moving for a bit longer.


Each time I attend a wedding I can’t help but to be overcome with feelings of love and joy. And in particular, I get to thinking of the magic of relationships. Without the relationship we have with the Divine and the relationship we have with our parents, we would not even exist. That, in-and-of itself is magical.

I also think of my own marriage of almost 15 years and what the priest said to us that still to this day has been one of the keys to our amazing relationship… He said, “Don’t compete; complete!”

This is a transformational action, a way of living, and it can be applied to ALL of our relationships.

Just imagine how our relationships and interactions, whether personal or professional, could improve if we entered into them with this intention; one that builds and unites, instead of one that separates and breaks down.

Don’t compete, complete.

So, how do we go about completing each other? Well, therein lies the adventure. The dance of life and relationships. For in each moment we have the opportunity to grasp some fulfillment, joyfully, while allowing others to do the same. We can ebb and flow, giving and receiving, leading and following, like two tango dancers.

So let’s dance in life. Let’s dance enthusiastically!

As one of my favorite authors, Eckhart Tolle, tells us,

“Enthusiasm comes from a Greek word that means to be possessed by a God. With enthusiasm you will find that you don’t have to do it all by yourself, in fact, there is nothing of significance you can do by yourself.”

So, in closing, poet, Rumi, helps me wrap this up nicely by questioning,

Does a drop stay still in the ocean?
Move with the entirety,
And with the tiniest particular.
Be the moisture in an oyster
That helps to form one pearl.

May your relationships be the best dances of your life!


This is entry #2 for the Best of 2009 Blog Challenge. Click on the link image above to read more about it and participate, or just check out my previous blog for a brief explanation. Welcome back!

Dec. 11 – The Best Place – Home sweet home! I am a home body! I just love lounging at home, reading, playing with my children, and taking “sun and nature breaks” in my back yard. There’s no place I’d rather be.

My breathing space.

Dec. 13 – What’s the best change you made to the place you live? – Allow for open spaces. It’s been difficult “being okay” with not filling every space with furniture. I’ve come to appreciate seeing our living room become “the kids playroom”, because it honors exactly where we are in our lives.

My daughter playing in HER SPACE.

Dec. 14 – When did you get your best rush of the year? Starting to dance again! A co-worker and I took up a ballet class “for exercise”, but it’s been so much more for me. Dancing has always been my inspiration, and so to have it in my life again has definitely provided me with a much-needed “rush”.

My dancing feet.

What little bits and pieces of 2009 have you appreciated? I’d love to hear from you.

…’til we meet again…