Nance Guilmartin, a dear friend and mentor,  and author of Healing Conversations and The Power of Pause,  sent me a link  to a video that she thought I would appreciate. She was right.

This post, unlike my usual ones, will not contain many words or insights, because its power is simply in sharing this video. Nance shared it with me, and I feel deeply driven to do the same.

As I mentioned to Nance, I appreciated receiving it this week in particular as our world lost two men close to my family– one 26 and one 52. Too young and too soon.

Although I understand that some are called “home” sooner than others and find solace in this belief, I too understand that the loved ones very close to these two men may never be able to find the forgiveness in their hearts and release the pain necessary to move forward and lead powerful, meaningful, and passionate lives as they once had.

Many of us unnecessarily hold on to pain, conflict, and anger– in small or large bits– for too long. Letting go is not easy, but it is the answer.

Please forward this along. Post it to your profile. Share it widely.

You will, for sure, be paying it forward.

From my vantage point, it’s the best 10:42 minutes you’ll spend today.   🙂

In the spirit of forgiveness,