Get Loving!

February 20, 2014

running man

As you’ve learned through my last few blog posts, we bring energy into our lives in many ways. The last one I’d like to touch upon this month is moving.

Through observing others, and myself, I can see that movement for some individuals is absolutely essential, so they do it often (usually daily and first thing in the morning). That is empowering, and I celebrate them for being able to make it a consistent priority. For others, moving is more challenging due to our busy lives, and it jumps to the bottom of our to-do list. Oftentimes, because we can’t move the way we ideally want to, we don’t do it all. This is not good, of course, and it becomes an excuse after a while. Are you nodding your head in agreement?

Although I have been a dancer all my life and that is my absolute favorite way to move, it’s not always possible for me to energize myself through dancing. But, I know that I need to get moving, literally, not only for my health, but for the incredible energy and agility that I want to result from it.

For the purpose of simplicity, and the idea of Kaizen (very small changes that bring about lasting change), I’d like to suggest a very simple two-step process to making a positive change toward prioritizing moving:

Change the “M” in MOVE to an “L” to create LOVE!

1. Yes! When we bring movement back up the list, even in very small ways, we are actually making an intentional choice to LOVE ourselves.

That’s step one. Here’s step two:

2. Ask yourself, “How will I choose to LOVE myself today for just 10 minutes?” Small steps, remember?!?!

For me, this looks like stretching in my office, or taking a brisk mindful walk on campus. When I really want to feel the LOVE, I will do about 30 squats, 30 sit-ups and some push ups.

What I’ve noticed for myself is when I can make the time for 10 minutes of movement, I want more of it! In fact, just recently I purchased a video system where you exercise for just 25 minutes a day. I recall my mind chatter telling me, “Really, Monique, can’t you make yourself a priority for just 25 minutes a day?” I enlisted my husband and son to join me (Can you say accountability partners?!?!), and we are all working hard together and loving it! What I’ve also noticed is that we (including my 9-year-old daughter) are all craving a more active lifestyle because of it.

It all started with 10 minutes of LOVE for myself!

If you’re not moving much, I’d LOVE for you to try my simple 2-step technique and report back what changes you’re noticing (mind, body & spirit ones!).

Sharing is caring, and MOVING is LOVING!

It’s your life. Lead it Well.

Namaste, Monique

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