No, not again!

It’s quite ironic that I write this today, as I sit here feeling miserable with the beginnings of a yucky cold! But, I couldn’t help to discuss the “aha” moment I had recently after returning from a great trip to Memphis with my girlfriends (see previous blog below).

Prior to leaving to Memphis I was battling with a hard-core sinus infection that I was doing my very best to treat naturally. However, knowing that my trip could be dramatically affected by this infection, I broke down and purchased Extra Strength Sudafed for the trip.

Although I know that mind over matter helped to keep it under control during the trip (and I will give some credit to the Sudafed!), when I returned home I said to myself, “Ge’ez, I’m not sick any more!” I questioned further, “How is it possible that I left to Memphis with a terrible infection, rested little and utilized every bit of my available energy in Memphis, yet I came back healthier?” I didn’t have an answer, but I was happy with the result.

Later I read an article in O magazine which polled women to find out why they sometimes tear one another down. It listed the following (among other things):

Eighty-eight percent of the respondents reported feeling an undercurrent of negativity among females. That’s really sad, since we can be so good for one another. Research has proven that female-female relationships actually boost our immunity.

Aha! That was the answer I was seeking. My Memphis gals are no “Frenemies,” they are my soul sisters and are actually good for me, like a shot of Vitamin D! I love it.

Oddly enough (or not!), as I sit here sniffling I’m watching a segment on the Today Show about 5 Ways to Prevent a Cold.  According to the segment, women have stronger immune systems than men, but still get about three colds per year. Hmm, sounds pretty right on to me, based on my history.

So, what tips did they offer?

1. Take probiotics  daily, either via a supplement or 1 cup of yogurt a day

2. Take Vitamin D daily, especially during flu season; 1000 units per day

3. Drink 1-2 cups of Green Tea per day

4. Ge a Massage! (20 minutes will do the trick) to reduce levels of Cortisol (which break us down!)

5. Socialize with your friends! Women with a wide diverse social network (Health Psychology) have been found to get colds less frequently.

To view the full segment, click here.

Okay, so it’s confirmed folks, maybe the apple a day used to keep the doctor away, but perhaps a more memorable way to stay healthy and happy is to keep your friends close by!

My ladies, can you all move back home, please?! I think I need you around during flu season!

I’m back to bed with my green tea! I’ve checked off my yogurt and Vitamin D for today. I’m hoping the hubby will indulge me with a nice massage to do the trick!

Have a healthy week!


When my girlfriends and I decided on Memphis, TN, as the location of our 10th annual “Girl’s Weekend” I had no idea that I would be in awe, and mostly, that I would recite hometown hero, Elvis Presley’s famous line when thinking of this eclectic and energy-filled city… “Thank you. Thank you very much!”

I can’t recall not one resident of Memphis who didn’t ooze joy and kindness. Maybe it’s all of the trolley and horse carriage rides; the finger lickin’ Southern cookin’; or maybe it’s the whiskey and live Blues? All I know for sure, is there is something in the air that welcomes you to Memphis and makes you feel right at home.

After walking street after street of empty downtown offices, stores, restaurants and lofts, however, you clearly see how deeply affected the city is by the recent recession. Is it really over as the papers claim? Not according to Memphis streets. This bittersweet experience… full yet emptymagical yet powerless; vibrant yet dim…made us all feel like this trip was more important than the others. We were a part, if only for a few days, of offering a helping hand to a still challenged economy with so much to offer– a local musician a chance to shine, a chef a stage for his delectable creations, a “home free” man a chance to pretend he is the incarnate King of Rock. We walked, we danced, we dined (a lot!), we pampered ourselves. But our trip was more than just about us, it was an even exchange of much-needed mojo!

So, this is a simple and short blog to simply say “thanks,” to Elvis Presley for WOWing me again, to my childhood girlfriends for loving me, and to Memphis for inspiring me!

As the local Memphis Blue Plate Cafe published in its daily news paper menu:

“Every day should begin with a great breakfast and positive thoughts. The family of employees of The Blue Plate Cafe wants to provide you with both. Have a Great Day!”

So, on this morning I begin as they recommend, with some eggs, bacon, toast and coffee (Oh, but how I miss the biscuits, shrimp & grits!), and my vision of a cloud of positive energy and light surrounding the City of Memphis for being authentic, passionate, and welcoming.

Thank You, Memphis. Thank You, Very Much!

Rock on,