Breathe in. Breathe out.

February 12, 2014


For those mommies out there, or perhaps athletes or actors, who had to learn how to breathe a certain way to give birth with less pain (yeah right!), or manage your energy and nervous system, you probably recognize the importance of BREATH in these circumstances. But how often do we use our breath daily, consciously, to regulate our emotions and mange our energy?

It just so happens that breath is another one of the primary inputs into our energetic system. If creating a high level of wellness and energy is important to you, then becoming a bit more aware of your breath and using it as a tool is a great way to achieve that goal. In fact, our bodies are mostly made up of water and oxygen (65%). If being more of who we are naturally helps us feel at our best, then giving our bodies more O2 is definitely a great strategy.

I recently learned that while working at a computer, adults’ breathing rate increases by 30% to 18 breaths per minute, which can lead to hyperventilation, increased neck and shoulder tension and fatigue. Add coffee to that equation, and “Houston…we’ve got a problem!” And, since the majority of us are technologically ON all the time with our “smart” tools, is it no wonder we are exhausted, tense and, literally, running out of breath?

Personally, I LOVE my productivity tools, but, I, too, understand the importance of being aware of my breath and using it proactively to help energize me and give me a greater sense of well being.

Here’s a simple way to breathe more life into your mind, body and soul:

Begin to associate sitting with breathing. When you get into your car in the morning take a deep, expanding belly breath and blow it out through your nose. Do this at least three times before you turn on the ignition. Try breathing in slowly to the count of four and slowly exhaling to the count of four.

Then, when you get to your office and sit down at your desk do the same thing. When you need a potty break, guess what? Do it again! (Not kidding). When you sit down to eat, do it again. Continue this throughout the day during those “breaks” when you sit down to begin a new task. Pretty soon you’ll have created the awareness and habit of sitting and breathing—giving you many tiny moments of delicious breath and consciousness.

If you’re super busy and can only take one deep breath each time, that’s okay. It’s a great start and will make a big difference.

Try it out and see how you feel. Ahhh!

Share your outcomes with me below.

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It’s your life. Lead it well.

Namaste… Monique


November 9, 2009

apps Sitting at home for two days this week, helping my children heal from their colds, I found myself thinking about productivity…or the lack there of it (for me)!!

Especially for those of us who have children, or care for a sick or aging relative, it seems difficult at times to be consistent about reaching our goals and being as productive as we set out to be. Our perfectly planned days are thrown for a loop, and we (and those around us) must just deal with it. Energetically speaking, when this happens, we tend to work from our lower levels of energy (victimhood and conflict), because we feel at the effect of life.

These days, flexibility and adaptability are skills we all can maximize to help us manage the constant change we live with. The more I thought of it, the more excited I became in finding some solutions to help me manage my life in spite of my life!

So how could I be more flexible and adaptable? My mind immediately jumped to my “Wheel of Life” that I use to measure my satisfaction with certain areas of my life. Some of these include: Productivity, Creativity & Problem Solving, Influencing & Inspiring Others, Health & Wellness, Time Management & Balance, Family  & Parenting, Spiritual Awareness, and Fun & Enjoyment. I questioned further, what could I do when life says, “Not today, Monique! Change your plans!” How could I keep my life in motion without too much stopping and re-directing?

Then, a light bulb went off! “iPhone applications”, my mind told me! Sure, I’ve experimented with some fun applications, but what would happen if I—with intention—search for applications that are free or inexpensive which can help me work with my Wheel of Life, despite “life”?

The fun began! I was like a kid in a candy shop. I’m not quite finished yet, but here’s the beginning of a “techie” system to help me stay on track. I downloaded and/or purchased the following “apps” which correspond to one or more areas in my Wheel of Life:

Application Wheel of Life Area Intended Uses
Lock Box Productivity I finally have a place for all my passwords, especially for use out of the office.
Toodledo Productivity/Time Management For those of us who use the GTD (Getting Things Done method). Great for managing projects.
FastShop Productivity/Family & Parenting Holds all of my lists (grocery, drug store, holiday and birthday shopping).
My Thoughts+ Balance/Spirituality I’ve created my very own affirmation slideshow with music. Keeps my vision close to me.
Ask Inspiring Others                /Spirituality My daily dose of spiritual principals for myself and to inspire others.
MyDiary Creativity & Problem Solving The journal that I will use to summarize my day’s “aha” moments.
IdeaOrganizer Creativity & Problem Solving I live off of ideas! Here’s where I can track them all, with voice notes, photos, etc.!
Personal Assistant Productivity & (Financial) Balance Keeps my accounts up-to-date and at my finger tips, all in one place.
SixPackYoga Health & Wellness Need I say more?? Yoga for my abs, anytime, anywhere, and for as long as I’d like!
YogaStretch Health & Wellness Customized yoga programs with an instructor, music, and all!
NaturalCures Health & Wellness/Parenting A quick resource for at home and natural remedies.

Ideally, I’d be doing yoga at a studio, speaking to my health coach or doctor every time I had a health question, carry my journal with me wherever I go (as well as my project folders, grocery lists, daily planner, spiritual resources, affirmation index cards, vision boards, etc.). What a heavy bag that would be!! You get my drift, right? My iPhone is always with me, so I might as well take full advantage of it and make sure it supports my needs to help keep my Wheel of Life on its path.

I’ve just lightened my load tremendously, and given myself permission to be more flexible and adaptable (and more productive!). Essentially, I’ve made myself Tech-NOTORIOUS!

I would love to hear your ideas about using technology (or not!) to help you achieve your goals. What works for you that you can share with Being En Pointe readers? I hope you will share and experiment.

TECH it on!