Beginning to Heal

December 20, 2012

Just like most of you who are parents, I can’t help but to sit through the latest horrific tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, and wonder, “How do parents begin to heal?”

I’m not sharing my thoughts on this so that you believe in what I believe, as I truly respect the individual beliefs of all people. But, I wanted to share my perspective in the chance that it may provide an iota of peace for some in this storm of sadness.

Since I was a young adolescent I questioned so many of the beliefs I was taught. So much didn’t make sense, including serious life challenges like violence, illness and death. Through my own search, a lot of reading and allowing myself to be open, I have come to find some comfort in the following:

  • We each have a purpose for coming to this earth as humans, to live the human experience of right and wrong; good and bad.
  • We come to an “agreement” or contract with our God that details what situations (accidents, illnesses, issues, death, betrayal, etc.) will occur during our lifetime that will serve as a lesson either for ourselves, others, or both.
  • Individuals in our lives, whether we know them well or not, agree in advance to play a part in our “agreement” to help these lessons play out.
  • Some contracts will involve MANY (yes, even children) who decide, together, as beautiful souls, to create a TRANSFORMATIONAL lesson for many.

So, keeping this in mind, I can find an iota of peace believing that these 26 amazing angels came to our earth, during our lifetime, to GET OUR ATTENTION…to tell us loudly and painfully that our work is not even close to being done. We must pay attention and take action.

What have we not yet learned? What must we all do, together, as a united community?

Clearly some major red flags are gun control and mental health reform.

In my opinion…

Did the shooter need help? YES

Did his mother NEED the weapons? NO

Did his parents truly understand the gravity of his mental illness? PROBABLY NOT.

I know that there are still so many things we don’t know and understand about why this tragedy happened. I know that the parents, relatives, and friends of those innocent souls who died may never entirely heal. Afterall, we are human. But, can we begin to heal if spiritually we can believe there is a reason why their lives ended so early? Yes, I do believe this is possible.

To all of those who directly suffered from this unthinkable crime, I send you overwhelming love and light and pray that the beautiful souls of your loved ones are rejoicing in Heaven, comforting one another as brothers and sisters, knowing that their earthly purpose has been achieved. Now WE MUST NOT ignore their sacrifice and we must work hard to make those necessary transformational changes that are needed as a human society.

Sweet Angels, you have gotten my attention.

Here is a list of books that have helped me along my journey, related to what I’ve written above, which you may be interested in reading:

Sacred Contracts, by Caroline Myss

Growing Up In Heaven: The Eternal Connection Between Parent and Child, by James Van Praagh

The Golden Motorcycle Gang, by Jack Canfield



One Response to “Beginning to Heal”

  1. Mom Says:

    Very touching babe…

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