Sprouting Seeds

March 5, 2014

Birthdaycakeedit1      Happy Birthday To Me!!

Yes, today is my birthday, and I couldn’t be happier sharing my special day with each of you.

Birthdays are a wonderful time of year for each of us to honor who we are, the special gifts we bring to the world, and to reflect upon all of the good in our lives and all the greatness ahead. I could not be more grateful.

If you’ve read my blog posts in the past, you know that I believe everything is energy. As such, I also believe in the energetic cycles of time — what each day, month or year has in store for each of us, uniquely, based on our birth date, as well for all of us as a whole. It just so happens that this time of year, the energy of Pisces helps us to give birth to all of those wonderful seeds we have planted. If you happen to have the urge to pursue an idea or start a project that has been collecting dust on paper or on your mind’s shelf, know that NOW is the time to take action!


Taking action isn’t easy. But trust that in pushing forward slightly, you are opening a universal door that will support your every move.

Here are 10 easy tips to help you take off. Pick one or two that resonate with you and get going!

  1. Pick a partner. Enlist someone savvy to help you with your idea or work together with you.
  2. Create space in your calendar. Block off 30 minutes three times per week to dedicate to your initiative. Use your lunchtime if necessary.
  3. Use Sunday as your Creative Day. Take a journal or piece of paper, list all of the things that come to your mind that you would like to DO, BE or START. Pick the one that calls to you. Circle it. Then, ID the first three super small steps you can do this week to launch it.
  4. Design your Manifest Monday by creating one small step you will take action on each Monday for one month.
  5. Write your goal on every mirror in your house, car and office. Keep it top of mind.
  6. Schedule reminders each day (via your calendar or smart phone) to get you to take one more step toward completing your project.
  7. Ask your partner to hold you accountable by calling you daily, weekly, etc.
  8. Ask the question: “How will I feel if I don’t take action on this idea?” Does your answer motivate you?
  9. Write a one-page letter to yourself expressing what you will have accomplished by taking on this task. Seal it. Write your deadline date on the outside of it. Don’t open it until that date. Keep the envelope with you at all times.
  10. Find a picture or image that represents your accomplishment. Make it your screensaver on all your smart tools and computer. Visualize daily your successful completion of it.

Speaking of our uniqueness and sprouting seeds, this month I am giving birth to an exciting new workshop that will help you do just this! I can’t wait to work with a group of individuals who truly want to operate from their core talents and design strategies that will help them operate at their very best.

If you’re in Miami, I hope that you will consider joining me at FIU on March 27 for Discover and Develop Your Strengths NOW!
If you’re not in Miami, I also offer this work one-on-one.

I know you have planted seeds!!!

Go water them now and watch them grow!

It’s your life. Lead it well.

Namaste, Monique


I love New Year’s! I love the excitement of the unknown, and the power of being able to start anew. We all need fresh starts, and doing so in the New Year is a very natural process.

But how do we create these fresh starts with all the stress they bring, like unreasonable goals and deadlines? Just what are we hoping to accomplish and why? Let me give you a tip. The power is in the WHY! We’ll come back to this in a bit.

The week before the holidays our office went out for lunch and one of my colleagues had a revelation, she asked, “What if we could turn our To-Do’s into Ta-Da’s?” I thought that was brilliant! You see, the wonderful thing about the New Year and the resolutions we create, are the inspiration or meaning behind them. Hopefully, we’re not resolving to do something that holds very little energy or vision for us. Or even worst, resolving to do something because “we should,” or because “they are doing it too!”

  • Why do you want to create a new resolution?
  • Why is this resolution important?
  • How will you feel when you have accomplished it?
  • How will that feeling be different than what you feel today?
  • When you imagine your outcome are you catching yourself smiling?
  • Do you see a vivid picture in your head that has you tingling?

I sure hope so! If not, I’m guessing there’s not much power or purpose behind your resolution. Your WHY is not holding any charge to it. If you don’t see and feel it, don’t resolve to do it, because it signifies that you’ve just created a To-Do instead of a Ta-Da! Even the words To-Do and Ta-Da carry different energies. When you say these simple words can you feel the difference in your voice and in your spirit? I certainly can.

I want you now to look back just a few months and recall your daily, monthly, or quarterly To-Do’s and ask yourself the questions I posed above (replace resolution with To-Do). Be honest with yourself. Are you creating To-Do’s with purpose and passion, or just to keep you busy? We often feel overwhelmed because we are loading up all of our moments with so many To-Do’s and even fewer Ta-Da’s. I’m hoping for you and for me that we can become skillful in reversing this equation.

Yes, we will always have things to do—this is the world we live in, but I challenge you to become more conscious of what you are doing with YOUR time and consciously choose to understand the WHY behind each of them and create more of those Ta-Da’s, which truly create those feelings and outcomes that will light up your days and your entire year. Go Light It Up!

Imagine this now: You’re on stage, lights brightly shining on you, you’re excited, smiling from ear to ear, your arms are outstretched reaching up toward the sky, you’ve just visualized the accomplishment of your resolution, and you’re screaming loudly, TA-DA!!!

Go get that feeling!
Happy New Year!



PS. Thanks to my colleague and friend, Cristina R. for the inspiration behind this blog!